CHUNKYDIGITS Web Development and Computer Services portfolio of work is growing

To get an idea of what CHUNKYDIGITS do, take a look at some of the examples of previous projects using the selector on the right.

In the last year we have been working on a number of projects that will show a high level of technical accomplishment, a diverse skillset and very effective solutions that are fit for purpose, innovative and robust.

We are looking to build up our portfolio all the time - so if you think you have a decent idea, want us to provide you with a website or even just a quote - please don't hesitate to contact us by using the Contact page.


DB Window Repairs

This was a simple project which largely involved static content. DB Window Repairs is a company based in Harrow that performs double glazing repair and locksmith services.

The brief on this website was simple. To provide information on DB Window Repairs to the public. The information on the site would rarely change - hence it remained as static content.

We then went on to develop the contact form that is actually used within our own website - which allow users to contact us by filling out a form instead of having to go to the trouble of sending an email or having to call us.

Following the success of the first foray into the world of more dynamic websites, we were asked to produce the recommendations page that you see on that site now.


This was the first private .NET website we developed at CHUNKYDIGITS. It is a .NET MVC3 application with Transact SQL backend.


London 2012 Olympic Football Tournament Predictor

One of the most complex pieces of Web Development we have done to date, this score predictor evolved from the Euro 2012 Score Predictor that preceded it.

The website was an online sweepstake provider for the European championships in Poland and Ukraine. The first incarnation was for the Euro2012 tournament, which even though it was not at all pretty - our graphic designer wasn't with us at the time - it was exceptionally functional and considering we only launched 3 days before the Euro's, we got 31 people involved with the winner getting a nice cup.

This web application allowed users to register, make predictions about a particular game and scored according to the actual score when it came round. Users could register in their own private leagues to allow an office to join and run a sweepstake without having to sift through all of the other users in the main league.

London 2012 was the next tournament we decided to do - so we tried to make it look a bit better - failed in the eyes of some - however the tournament didn't have the interest that the former tournament had.

We will run this again for the World Cup - that gives us 2 years to make it look amazing.


The London 2012 Score Predictor has a Transact SQL database with a C# classic ASP .NET front end. There are some lightweight Javascript functions on the front end that add functionality - but essentially this was just an ASP .NET web application.


Estimated Delivery: April 2013

Currently in progress is the development of a website for the London Wardrobe Company, a small team of carpenters that create bespoke wardrobes and storage solutions in the London area.

A small but hopefully well formed website that includes a comment facility and contact forms. A new feature we are looking to include is a gallery that uses javascript to display examples of their work.


This website has a .NET web application with using an MVC4 methodology to enhance ease of development, readability of links and separation of concerns for the people working on it.

Supporting this is a Transact SQL database holding information on the company, recommendations, etc. This is all developed using the latest Razor view engine.

All of the moving and dynamic parts of this website are done in Javascript and more particularly jQuery and new for this project is the inclusion of waypoints javascript and a javascript gallery plugin to help display examples of their work in a nice fluid motion. We have written our own functions that extend the Javascript functionality, along with some other freebies along the way, including jQuery Easing and jQuery SlideViewer.


Property System Solutions Ltd

Having never built a website in PHP using MySql before, we were tentative about taking on a Joomla based website - however Property System Solutions were very keen to adopt the technology for their own website.

This didn't stop us, and by the end of the development cycle we had a working website that the customer was happy with and that worked in the way they wanted it to.

Many technical challenges were overcome during this website - including providing videos for clients that were based on the server space provided for training, some minor flash graphics were dabbled with and certain lines of code that were not allowed by the Joomla database were twisted to make the site functional with a members area and all the sales information Mr. Adderley required to sell his products.


This site is built on a Joomla CMS system that allowed our client to access and change the text, images and format of his website without a developer at hand to wind through the complex code necessary to provide the end user with the best possible experience.

Included in this were an image gallery and online members area that holds training materials provided for their clients using videos and pdf materials.


Unbelievable work on this site. Couldn't be happier



The site is exactly what I wanted. Flexible and dynamic.

James Adderley P.S.S