We know how hard it can be just to keep a computer running well and up to date

Computers are foreign objects to a lot of people - we just want them to work, not to have to clown around working out why it's slowed down or konked out completely.

That's why we offer a computer help service. We don't find it so hard and have a great deal of experience dealing with things that others find difficult or even just too time consuming - so we think it's only fair to share this knowledge and help people in need.

So give us a call with any problems that you have and we'll do our best to either talk you through what needs to be done or schedule you in for a bit of time for us to sort it for you. We have professional indemnity insurance and provide a cheap friendly service that we are proud to offer.

Please contact us now to get a quote or simply to discuss what your computer problems are and find out what we can offer you.