The Process that we follow on your project

The process we follow is just as important as the development work that we do. This allows us to build your site in a structured, organised way.

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1. Firstly we have discussions with you to ascertain what it is that you actually want from your website. From experience, we know that one of the biggest points of failure in web design is trying to develop something that the customer doesn't actually want.

Once we have decided that we are the right people for you, we will try and lock down a quote and an associated set of functional requirements. These will form the basis of the definition of delivery for us.

2a. If you don't have a good idea of the design you want for the website, for a very reasonable add on, we can provide our resident graphic designer for you to use to develop a design and concept for your website that you love.

2b. If you have a design that you want us to follow then we will take a look at the design and tell you what you need to provide us in relation to digital media that you have to provide us to make the site.

3. We start work.

4. We keep you fully updated with anything that we need from you. Meanwhile you can keep an eye on our progress by visiting our staging URL and see how the project is coming along.

5. When we are almost complete, we schedule a meeting with you and go through the site asking for feedback on what additional features / fixes we need to apply.

6. Hand over - we hand you the code for the website and any associated media, passwords and files for your backup and depending on what hosting you have asked for, we launch your site for you and you can start managing it from there.

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